Hope everyone is having a great summer and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again in September.  This is always the busiest time in the Jewish calendar and there is lots going for families, children and young people at Kol Chai.

The year kicks off with Torah Tots for our youngest children aged 5 and under, on Sat 2 September at 11:15, with the first session of our youth club Sababa, for Years 7-10, at 5pm on Sunday 10 September, and an opening session of HaMakom, our Religion School, that morning.

Rosh Hashanah:

Sat 16 September 11:00: We have separate services and activities for Torah Tots (0-6), Children (6-11) and Youth (11-14). Please book in asap so we know if you’re coming by clicking this link https://tinyurl.com/KCHHD2023Registration-Members

Sunday 17 September:

10:30: Intergenerational Second Day RH service – informal and inclusive with lots of  participation, interactivity and discussion followed by a light lunch/large Kiddush

2pm: Tashlich at Yeading Walk Open Space – follow us after the service or just come in the afternoon – see HHD Schedule attached for more details.

Sunday 24 September 11-12:30Decorating the sukkah and Macmillan coffee morning. Buy cakes and challah to break the Fast and do your first mitzvah of the year! See attached flyer for more information.

Monday 25 September 11:00 Yom Kippur alternative/family service

Sat 30 September Sukkot:

11:15 Torah Tots in the sukkah

7.30pm Saturday-09:30 Sunday morning: SUKKOT SLEEPOVER. Years 7-10 – see the attached flyer for more.   here is an option just to come for the evening. Please contact youthclub@kolchai.org to book your place.

10:30 Come to the Sukkot morning service to shake a lulav and have Kiddush in the sukkah. All ages welcome.

Sat 7 October: Simchat Torah 10:30 – the festival that thinks it’s a party! Celebrate the end of the autumn festival season and the end (and beginning) of reading the Torah with live music, dancing, unrolling a scroll all the way, and finding your place in it!  Mazal Tov to our Chatanim, Danielle Silver (mum to Poppy, Eden and Rocco) and our youth worker Simon Joseph, who will be reading the beginning and end of the Torah.

Thursday 2 November 7.30pm on Zoom: Young People and Mental Health. Workshop for parents led by a facilitator from Jami-the Jewish mental health charity. We know that many of our young people are struggling with mental health issues. Please join to find out more about how you can support your child and support other parents.  Please register for the zoom link at howardpaul.lawrence@gmail.com or the office admin@kolchai.org

Mazal Tov to Jacob Hector whose Bar Mitzvah is Saturday 4 November.

HaMakom: Our Religion School goes back to normal after all the festivals on Sunday 15 November If you’re not registered but are interested, let me know.

Torah Tots continues on the first Saturday morning of every month – to get on the mailing list contact jacky@pjmartin.co.uk

Sababa continues on Sunday 12 November 5-8pm.  On Sunday 2 December there’s a Sababa Juniors for kids in Years 3-6, at 3-5pm, followed by Sababa for Years 7-10 at 5-8pm. Please book in with Simon at youthclub@kolchai.org.  We need older teenagers to help as assistants – this looks great on UCAS application forms and Duke of Edinburgh and we pay a small amount as added incentive. Please contact Simon if you are interested.

Please help us to spread the word!  We are very proud of our amazing community and we’d like everyone to know about us and every local Jewish (or half-Jewish) family to join us. We know that the best form of marketing is word of mouth and personal recommendation, so if you know anyone who would be interested in joining our community, bring them along to something! It’s always lovely to meet new people!

So….lots to look forward and I’d like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and sweet new year,

L’Shana Tovah U’Metukah,