Conversion to Judaism

Wherever you are on your Jewish journey, Kol Chai has a place for you. And if you are not Jewish and would like to become Jewish or want to explore some options, then we can help you!

You begin by meeting Rabbi Naomi who will guide you through the whole journey.

Lessons on essentials of Reform Judaism take place on Sunday mornings and cover the Jewish lifecycle, festival cycle, Shabbat, prayer, Jewish texts, theology and social issues.

Reform Judaism is all about informed choice – working out what kind of Jew you want to be and which parts of the tradition speak to you. Questioning is positively encouraged and our discussions are deep and wide – Jews are the people who wrestle with God and our tradition – and we welcome new interpretations and insights.

This is also an excellent course for anyone wanting to know more about Judaism or who wants to brush up on the basics in a progressive, open environment.

Hebrew is taught by volunteers in the community in preparation for your final meeting after at least a year of classes, with the Reform Beit Din. Rabbi Naomi attends the Beit Din with you and you have the option of a joyful Affirmation ceremony in synagogue once you have converted.

If you are interested in the course, or in conversion, please contact or for more information.