Find out more about Kol Chai – an inclusive and friendly Jewish community

Come along on a Shabbat morning to get a taste of our services; our doors are always open. But if you contact me first I will arrange for you to be welcomed personally.

We are proud of our Religion School, which children of all ages enjoy, and lies at the heart of our Community, helping the younger members learn about and feel the importance of their religion. Many of the teachers were pupils themselves and have been trained to pass on their enthusiasm and knowledge.

Join our friendly Community and you too can take part in the huge variety of activities we offer for all ages. We lay on everything from a Shabbat dinner at 4.15 for our youngest to a very enthusiastic wine appreciation group for those a little older!

We are an informal active Community with something for everyone and feel quite sure that you too will find something to take part in, either on a regular or occasional basis. We are also open to suggestions for new clubs etc to try. You could even set it up – we would be very willing to support you.

One of our newest and most successful ventures is the Art Class taught by our very own building manager who is also a part time professional artist Part of our mission is to ‘continually develop a wide and innovative range of spiritual, educational, social and community action activities…’ we will change with the times rather than stand still.

We are always delighted to have visitors join us for either religious services or at any of our activities. Come along to one of our early Shabbat dinners if you have a young child or to table tennis if you would like to meet some adult members and chase a ball around with them on a Tuesday evening – the latter of these sessions doesn’t need booking. However, do please get in touch via the synagogue office or email me and I will be happy to tell you about how friendly and welcoming we are of guests or just to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to speaking to you soon,

Membership Secretary