We take lifelong learning seriously at Kol Chai – but we also like to enjoy ourselves while we’re learning, because it’s supposed to be sweet!

On the second Shabbat of every month, we have our Shabbat Breakfast Club at 0915 – with a grand breakfast and a chance to study aspects of the Jewish approach to life with the Rabbi. Past themes have included: war and conflict, what the Shema actually means, the environment, forgiveness etc. Our discussions are wide-ranging, inclusive and all texts are in English – no previous knowledge required!

About every six weeks we have a service with a discussion on the Torah reading, rather than a sermon. Shabbat Chadasha (new Shabbat) is a chance to hear our own voices on the themes of the week, often accompanied by commentaries from our tradition.

We have occasional speaker talks during the week on topics as varied as Israel, anti-semitism, Reform Judaism and Jews in the armed forces.

Every Yom Kippur there is a study session with the Rabbi before the afternoon service.