Kol Chai
Hatch End Reform
Jewish Community

Mixed Faith Families

Kol Chai welcomes mixed faith and mixed heritage families. We know that modern life means Jewish families now come in all shapes and sizes and often one partner or parent is not Jewish. Non-Jewish partners are an important part of our community and we are delighted to fully welcome and include the whole family into every part of our community, including, of course, the children.

We want to enable everyone, no matter where their starting point, to engage in Jewish life in meaningful ways that resonate with them personally.

If you are having a civil wedding then we can perform a Jewish ceremony to celebrate your marriage either directly afterwards or at a later date.

If you want to find out more about the basics of Judaism, Rabbi Naomi runs a course on the essentials of Reform Judaism on Sunday mornings, which can lead to conversion if you want. But we recognise that many non-Jewish partners are happy staying with their own religion and non-Jews are fully included in all aspects of our community life.

If you have any specific questions about your personal circumstances then please contact Rabbi Naomi direct on: rabbi.naomi@kolchai.org or 07947 414514.