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Kol Chai is a member of Harrow Citizens. Our Citizens Mental Health Action Team have compiled two Directories of mental health services and health and wellbeing support that you may find useful.

The first is a general Directory for Adults and the second is specifically for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing support services.

Please note that each Directory is in alphabetical order and consists of two pages. You will need to click on the page number at the bottom to access the second page. To access the web links directly from the Directories, go to www.citizensuk.org/mental-health-harrow

For Members of Kol Chai please remember that if you are feeling lonely, anxious or depressed, or you have a family member or friend who you are worried about, you can always contact our Community Care Co-ordinator Michelle Zetter in confidence.

Mental Health Support in Harrow Flyer - V10 Nov 2020

Mental Health Support in Harrow Flyer Children and Young People - V6 Nov 2020

Other useful resources on Mental Health

The BBC Website has new pages on mental health. Called “Headroom”, it provides a range of tips and tools to support your mental health


RSY-Netzer member Zach Klement has created a collection of wellbeing tips aimed at young people, which includes reviews of apps, websites and projects which can be done at home.

There are lots of mental health resources for children, families and schools, on the Anna Freud Website.

The content in the link below has been developed by the Anna Freud Centre staff to provide advice and guidance to parents and carers who may be supporting and child or young person who may be struggling with poor mental health.


For young people, On My Mind webpages aims to empower young people to make informed choices about their mental health and wellbeing. The pages have been co-produced by young people to help other young people


JAMI’s Head Room Café events are now online. The link below takes you to the online programme


Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism has produced a Mental Health and Wellbeing Directory which lists a variety of National and Jewish charities offering mental health support.


Harrow Carers website has a page devoted to mental health and wellbeing