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This is a cry for help from The Progressive Jewish Community of Toulouse to raise money to help secure their premises. The Community is currently served by Peter Radvanski, who is one of Rabbi Michael Hilton’s Leo Baeck College students. The week after the attack on a rabbi and three children was particularly traumatic for him and his congregation, as a number of their children were present at close quarters and witnessed the killings.

Dear friends,

The AJLT (Jewish community for Progressive Judaism in Toulouse) thanks you for all your expression of sympathy after the slaughter of 4 people (3 of them young children) in Ozar Hatorah high school. Today, a week after this massacre, we have to react and secure our congregation centre, where our children and members meet and where we hold cultural and religious activities. In fact, just before this horrible event, we completed a security audit and the cost of the security measures for our community of one hundred families is very high at about 10,000 Euros. So, we are sending you a cry for help to help us raise the money to secure our premises.

Best Regards, Annie Cohen, Administrator AJLT

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To make a donation

Just go to the Friends of Progressive Judaism website at this link http://www.fpjie.org.uk/ and you can donate instantly by card online. There is also an address for postal donations.

You need to make clear that this donation is for the AJLT (ASS DES JUIFS LIBERAUX DE TOULOUSE). If donating online you can do this by emailing the administrator (admin@fpjie.org.uk)and stating the purpose of the donation. Please make sure you include your name in the message as it is not always clear from an email address what the name is. Once all the donations appear to be in the Friends will forward them as one donation to Toulouse. This will incur a bank charge of £20. There will be no other administrative deductions. Please also complete the attached Gift Aid Declaration. Donors may complete this and return it to the same address or by email, so that FPJ may in due course recover tax paid on those donations. The tax recovered will be forwarded to AJLT.

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