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Kol Chai took a major step to becoming carbon neutral this year by the installation of 16 solar panels and storage batteries on the building roof and the installation, of LED lighting and motion sensor light switches.
Our building’s only source of power is electric, not having a gas supply, and we are hopeful that the solar panels, combined with battery storage, will mean that very little electricity will need to be purchased from the grid and we hope that through the lifetime of the equipment of 25 years, we will make a saving of approximately £45,000.
Kol Chai is a member of EcoSynagogue, which works to promote environmental sustainability and engagement across the Jewish Community. EcoSynagogue provides an Environmental Audit, which we are invited to complete, and we hope that during the coming year to work on various aspects of the Audit.
In particular, during the year we would like to establish an environmental policy for Kol Chai, which would establish the Synagogues commitment to introducing, establishing and promoting the highest environmental practices and to promote these standards through all our activities. This would be evident in our education and spiritual policies, purchasing policies, communication policies and in every other aspect of Kol Chai’s activities.
We would welcome anyone that wants to join the group. Please contact kcgreen@kolchai.org

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