The doors to the synagogue might be closed, but the Kol Chai community is still open for Shabbat! Please click on the link below to go to the KC You Tube channel and a shortened version of this week’s Shabbat morning service. 

It’s best followed with a siddur – see link below for the Reform Siddur, which we use, now available online. If you want to borrow a book for next week, contact Debbie in the office and she may be able to leave one outside the front door of the building. 

Link below is my drash (interpretation of the Torah reading), which is included in the recording, and Peter Gartenberg’s introduction to the Haftarah, which he was going to read in shul, but which he very kindly agreed to send out. 

The Torah readings are Exodus 35:20-35 AND 39:2-20 (it’s a double-reading), and for Shabbat HaChodesh (see below) we read Exodus 12:1-11. The Haftarah is Ezra 6:19-7:10. 

This is Shabbat HaChodesh (literally, Shabbat of the Month) which marks the beginning of the month which contains Pesach – so it’s two and a half weeks to until Passover!   

I am planning to host the Second Night Seder via Zoom at my home on Thursday 9th April at 7pm. Instructions on how to join will be out in the next Kol Chai Diary – and I’ll be sending out instructions about how to set your table for Pesach if you’re doing it for the first time.  The Reform Haggadah will shortly be available online and again, if you want to borrow one (and PROMISE to return it!), contact the office.

To those of you who have yahrzeits this week, I wish you strength, love, and good memories. Although we cannot gather in person, I have read the list of names in the recorded service and it does include Kaddish. 


Click here for the Shabbat morning service You Tube Chanel

Click here for the Reform Siddur online

Click here for Peter Gartenberg’s introduction to the haftarah

Click here

Click here for Rabbi Naomi’s drash

Click here

It’s been a crazy week. Sit back and have a very restful Shabbat,

Shabbat Shalom,