Kol Chai
Hatch End Reform
Jewish Community

Understanding other religions

At Kol Chai we believe it’s important to take an active role in the community around us and we have a proud history of interfaith activity.

Every year during Interfaith Week we host an interfaith service when we invite oll our neighbours and a guest speaker from a neighbouring faith community.

We are part of the leadership group of Harrow Citizens, a social justice alliance, that together with local mosques, churches, schools and voluntary groups, campaigns on the issues we care about – currently welcoming refugees, mental health, affordable housing and low pay.

We are on the steering group of Pinner Three Faiths Forum and regularly participate in discussion and dialogue.

We are members of Hillingdon Council for Christian and Jews, and Harrow Interfaith Forum.


Dialogue between Pinner Churches and Synagogues started in 1989. The Harrow Central Mosque joined in 2002. Kol Chai is on the steering groups together with representatives from other Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions.

In 2021 we widened our remit to include all faiths in order to reflect the many more faiths practised in the Pinner area since we began 32 years ago. We are actively looking for people of the Jain, Hindu and Sikh faiths to join us.

The aims of the Forum are to promote understanding and respect and to establish and maintain good relations between the local faith communities.

Forum meetings explore topics of mutual religious interest often introduced by knowledgeable speakers followed by discussion in small groups and/or a Q&A session.

Essential requirements include treating all concerned with respect whilst retaining the freedom to express convictions and beliefs in an honest, sensitive and straightforward way without criticising one another’s beliefs or ritual practices.

Care is and must always be taken to avoid conflict and violence in our relationships.

If you would like to join our steering group and/or know of anyone of any faith who would like to join us, please email rabbi.naomi@kolchai.org.