Kol Chai
Hatch End Reform
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The Kol Chai Wine Club

This season the Wine Club is doing something different.

On the second Monday evening of the month during term time the Wine Club meets. There are normally 8-10 attendees under the watchful eye of our master of wine Peter Freeman ably assisted by our own Pete Martin.

Wine is a complex and controversial topic, some like red some like white and at the end of the day everyone has a different sense of taste. What is important is to be able to spot a wine which is off and also find what you like at a reasonable price.

Peter Freeman

In recent months we have decided to look at locally sourced wines and have started a league table of the local supermarkets.  We compared Lidl v Waitrose.  Peter Freeman selected four pairs of wine one from each store; they had to be the same age, from the same country, same grape, from the same region.
A Mosel from Germany 2018, New Zealand Sauvignion Blanc 2017, Chianti Riserva 2015, Valdepenas Southern Spain 2012.

So how did they fair?  Well Lidl won 3:1.  These results were taste only as the price was not revealed until after the tasting. Generally the Lidl products were substantially cheaper than Waitrose so one might say Lidl have better wine buyers.  It is to be noted that Lidl’s offering has to compete in Europe where the market is more competitive, which could be the reason.

If you are interested in joining us we meet on the second Monday of every month.  Check for the next date in the Kol Chai Diary or contact the Kol Chai office.