Ideal premises for small gatherings




1. In these conditions “Kol Chai” means Kol Chai Hatch End Jewish Community and its authorised officers or employees and “The Hirer” means the Hirer referred to on the booking form.
2. The Hirer shall see that good order is maintained before, during and after the hiring and that no nuisance is caused to neighbours and that a sufficient number of responsible persons are present to ensure this.
3. No part of the premises may be used for any purpose other than that for which this hiring is made nor shall they be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.
4. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, Kol Chai’s building manager is required to be on site throughout each hiring where The Hirer is not a member of Kol Chai.
5. The Hirer shall leave the premises in a clean and orderly state. All Kol Chai chairs, tables etc. must be stacked at the side of the hall after use, and all surplus food, litter etc. must be cleared away into the rubbish bins provided in the adjacent car park.
6. The Hirer is responsible for paying for any set up and/or clean up hours required that were not anticipated when the booking was made and, if incurred, Kol Chai reserves the right to deduct payment for any such hours from any deposit that has been paid in advance.
7. The Hirer is responsible for all damage and loss to the premises, fixtures and equipment during the hiring, whether deliberate or accidental howsoever caused. This may extend over and above any sum paid in advance as a deposit. Any known damage or loss to the premises should be reported by The Hirer to Kol Chai within 24 hours of the hiring, although that may not be deemed to be the full extent of any such damage or loss.
8. Kol Chai’s public liability insurance is limited to injury or loss caused to individuals as a result of Kol Chai’s own negligence. The Hirer will be responsible for insuring against any third party claims which may arise as a result of his/her use of the premises and will indemnify and hold harmless Kol Chai against any claim of whatsoever nature which is not covered by Kol Chai’s own insurance.
9. Nothing may be done by the Hirer which will invalidate Kol Chai’s public liability insurance.
10. Kol Chai will not under any circumstances accept responsibility for damage to or loss or theft of the property of the Hirer or of persons attending the function/meeting.
11. The use of the premises for evening hirings shall terminate no later than 11.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 10.30 p.m. on Sunday (unless in each case by prior arrangement) and the premises must be vacated as speedily and quietly as possible.12. Late night music and the general noise level must be kept within reason. Music must cease at 11.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday and at 10.30 p.m. on Sunday.
13. Any food served on the premises shall be kosher dairy or vegetarian.
14. Kol Chai shall have the right to disallow certain activities that are, in its view, inconsistent with the venue’s primary purpose as a Synagogue and to refuse admission or remove any person(s) whose behaviour or anticipated behaviour is, in the opinion of Kol Chai, prejudicial to these conditions.
15. Kol Chai shall not be responsible for any consequences arising out of circumstances beyond its control which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.
16. Fire-fighting apparatus shall be kept in its proper place and only used for the purpose for which it is intended. Obstructions must not be placed in front of emergency exits, which must be immediately available for free public egress. The Fire Brigade shall be called to any outbreak of fire, however slight.
17. First Aid supplies are available to The Hirer but the need for the use of such supplies must be recorded in the Accident Record Book which will be found in the kitchen.
18. No unauthorised heating or cooking appliances shall be used on the premises.
19. The Hirer must ensure that all electrical equipment brought into the building complies with current safety legislation and requirements and shall indemnify Kol Chai against any claims and expenses for any injury or damage caused by such equipment or the use thereof.
20. Hirers should ensure that any function specifically for children complies with all relevant legislation. Specifically, it is the responsibility of the organisers to ensure that only fit and proper persons have access to young children and that such persons shall at all times be in attendance upon young children who are on the premises for the activities concerned.
21. The benefit of the Hiring Agreement cannot be assigned and constitutes permission only to use the premises and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on The Hirer.
22. Bookings for birthday parties/dances and similar events for young people are only accepted for children up to the age of 13 and on the strict understanding that parents will attend and take full responsibility for the event. Kol Chai also reserves the right for its Management Committee or anyone with delegated authority to refuse any application to use or hire the premises.

Bookings and queries: please contact Kol Chai’s Administrator.