Enjoy a delicious lunch and good company at KC Bistro

At the opening of the KC Bistro at 434 we were treated to two soups – slow roast tomato and roasted root vegetable soup, with scrummy warm bread, then apple tart and brownies with ice cream, bowls of fruit, tea and coffee.

The Kol Chai Bistro team (L to R):
Janet Lipton, Pauline Grant, Bette Fraser, Robin Grant, Carole Binysh, Vivien Collins

The staff were as good as the food – they were attentive and made sure that we were all happy, had seconds (and thirds if we could manage it), and we all enjoyed every mouthful. I had a thoroughly good time chatting to all my friends and enjoying the delicious food.

Find out when KC Bistro at 434 is next open. admin@kolchai.org

Terry Colin