Kids Kabbalat Shabbat
Kids Kabbalat Shabbat
Fri 23 Mar 2018 16:30
Shabbat tea & Pesach celebration. All welcome but particularly families with children aged 0-10.
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Pesach 1st Day
Pesach 1st Day
Sat 31 Mar 2018 10:30
Morning service
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Communal Seder
Communal Seder
Sat 31 Mar 2018 19:00
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Matzah Ramble
Matzah Ramble
Mon 02 Apr 2018 10:45
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1) All books in the Reference Library are listed here. They are also recorded under "Author" and "Subject" in the record box on the library desk in the Lending Library. The Lending Library is on the first floor of the Shul opposite the top of the stairs.

2) The reference books are kept in the bookcases in Rabbi Michael's room on the first floor of the Shul. (First left at the top of the stairs).
3) Please speak to or contact Rabbi Michael (RabbiM@kolchai.org 020 8421 5482) or Debbie Levy the Shul Administrator (admin@kolchai.org) to arrange a convenient time to consult any book in the Reference Library. You do not need to do this simply to consult the library records. Debbie Levy is at the Shul 9.00am to 1pm Tuesday to Friday inclusive.
4) Readers using reference library books should do so using the tables in the synagogue library or the lending library.
5) Reference Books may not be taken out of the shul building.
6) Please return your books to the shelves when you have finished with them.
7) If you have any difficulty in using the Reference Library please give details to Rabbi Michael, Debbie Levy or David Goldman (davidgoldman4@hotmail.com)

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