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Chanukah Tea Party
Chanukah Tea Party
Sun 02 Dec 2018 15:00 - 17:00
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the kol chai choir

The Kol Chai choir is composed of men and women members of the community who love to sing. It's a community choir; not a choir for the community. We sing in four-part harmony. We don't use an organ, but do have what we fondly call a 'donger' to give us a note before we begin.

The choir traditionally sings for High Holydays and b'nei mitzvah, though we have also been known to sing for other festivals, and more recently have been asked by the Community to lead the singing for a Shabbat where nothing 'special' is happening. We do this every couple of months or so. The congregation is encouraged to join in, though we also like to introduce new tunes occasionally, which tend to baffle a few people!

At other times the singing is led by the leader of the service. Choir rehearsals are regularly held only in the lead-up to the High Holydays, to brush up on what we know, to learn new tunes, and to bring new choir members up to speed. It's very rare to have a serious rehearsal; we are far too busy having fun! New choir members are always welcome.

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