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Pesach 1st Day
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Matzah Ramble
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Wine Appreciation Group

This is certainly the most relaxed group at Kol Chai!

The Wine Appreciation group (although any connection between these WAG's and anyone attractive is usually down to the wine consumption) meets monthly on a Monday, under the expert tutelage of our visiting lecturer Peter Freeman. We study and learn, but most of all, have fun.

We follow a fairly structured course each term. For example in depth studies of particular grapes; comparing new and old world; the particular effects of climate & soil; doing what are called vertical or horizontal tastings (vertical is a tasting of the same wine from the same Chateau or producer but over different vintages, horizontal is not how we are at the end, but tasting from the same year across different producers in the same area).

The courses are suitable for all standards from those with an interest, but little knowledge, to the more expert. New members of the group are made especially welcome. The cost of the course (normally £14.00 per evening) includes the cost of usually 8 different wines tasted each session, plus cheese & French bread.

 If you want to know more contact the office or email Pete.

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